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From the contemporary & quirky to the refined orchestral classics Boom offers a new Intelligent Search function along with quick and easy auditioning and download.

Also available is a personalized playlist facility with drag & drop functionality. The Soundminer embedded files are available for download as MP3 and BWAV and are licensed in the UK via the MCPS at streamlined competitive rates for 2020.

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Latest Releases from Boom

Deep thoughts, lonely reflection and quiet moments are expressed on this album with floating, warm soundscapes paired with minimalistic pianos.
The ideal soundtrack for futuristic images and ideas that require trailer-like productions in the form of modern beats. The hybrid production creates a science fiction atmosphere that can be used for both dramatic and promotional purposes.
Investigative Documentaries
Kingdom Of Sound weave organic and synthetic sounds into a breathtaking sound backdrop. The Tracks stay in the background, yet catch your attention at the same time. Documentaries with an investigative touch are on the right track here!