Boom! Music



The Boom! Music Library was founded by Phil Binding and Simon Moore and was formed to provide high quality music for use in all media including advertising, broadcast, film and events. It currently consists of over 3500 tracks representing over 100 CD's worth of music, with it's catalogue covering a wide range of musical styles and genres.

Boom! have over 19 years worth of experience as writers and producers of original music for television, film and radio. They are the award winning team behind the generic theme for The World Cup 1998 commissioned by the French Broadcasters and FIFA for worldwide transmission. They also created the original and innovative Five News theme, which has since had a major influence on television news music.

Other major clients include ITV, BBC, C4, Five, Endemol, RDF, Sky, British Airways, Shell, Vodafone and Fox Hollywood.

The library is also home to an ever expanding roster of other very talented composers:
Adam Wakeman, Andrew Powell, Barney Ashworth, Max Ringham, Ben Ringham, Chris Tee, Christopher Haigh, Andrew Dewar, Alan Dunn, D. Watts, Dan Baker, Daniel Phillips, David Jennings, Dov Waterman, F. Chacksfield, Fraser Fifield, Graham Hardinge, Honkfro, Ian Stewart, J. Tyski, Jon Chilton, Jonathan Atkinson, Jonathan Mayer, Keith Turner, Kent Macpherson, Kevin Riley, Kyle Hildenbrand, Luke Tennant, Mardo El-Noor, Mark Allaway, Marshall Smith, Thomas Fox, Matthew Bosworth, Matthew James, Michael Eaves, Mick Cox, Paul Downing, Paul Pleasants, Peter Christiansen, Peter Larsen, Richard and Gaynor Morris, Rob David, Dan Delor, Shaun Kirkpatrick, John Hyde , Andy Procter, Thomas Fox, Timo Terho, William Taylor, Andi Pullen, Danny Phillips, Leon Thompson, Nate Connelly, Phillip Thomas and John Watson.

Music Services

The music services Boom! Music provides are:

  • Supply of original pre-recorded music for use in all media
  • Specially composed music
  • Re-records