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Do I need to register / login to listen to tracks?

No. However, you will need to register / login if you want to create Playlists and download tracks. To register just fill in a simple form with your details and once your details have been verified you will be sent confirmation that access has been granted to your email address.

Once I have downloaded tracks can I use them in my production?

To use the tracks in your production you need to be registered with MCPS as an authorized user of Production Music. This involves signing the MCPS Library Code Of Conduct and obtaining a P Number.

Why am I asked to turn on 'cookies' in my browser when logging in?

Cookies are small files which are transferred from this website and stored on your computer's hard drive. We use cookies to identity users when they log in and also to keep track of your session when you use our website. Most browsers are automatically set to accept cookies. However, if you have configured your browser to refuse cookies, it will affect the functioning of the website. Please see this BBC page for more information about cookies.

What do I do if I have forgotten my password?

To request your password and login details by email click on the Forgotten LogIn Info link at the top right-hand corner or click on this link here

How do I use the website?

Using our new ?intelligent? search engine you can immediately start sourcing your music in a variety of ways. You will be able to refine your search, regardless of your starting point, by choosing from the criteria displayed in the following column. You can, however, choose to view the results at any stage of your search by selecting a word in any column and then clicking Show Tracks.

  • Quick Search-  type in your own keyword into the box  and number of tracks available that are related to that specific keyword are instantly displayed. You can continue to add more keywords in the following boxes that appear
  • Keyword ? if you are short on inspiration just choose from the list of keywords that best describe what you are looking for
  • Category ? begin your search by choosing from the list of music styles
  • Featured Instrument ? begin your search by choosing the instrument
  • Tempo ? begin your search by choosing a tempo provided in the list
  • Composer ? begin your search by choosing a composer
  • Version ? begin your search by choosing the length of track required
  • Album ? begin your search by choosing the length of track required

How do I create a playlist of my favourite tracks?

To create a Playlist you first need to be logged in. Once you?ve logged in you can create a Playlist by simply clicking on the Playlist icon on the track you wish to add to the Playlist. Follow the pop-up instructions to name the Playlist. The Playlist title will appear under PLAYLISTS on the left hand panel of the page.

Thereafter you can add tracks to a Playlist simply by dragging and dropping them, as you would do in iTunes, or click the Playlist icon on the relevant track.

You can view your Playlist selection by clicking on the Playlist title or if you want to edit your Playlist click Playlist.  The same audition and download functions are available from the Playlist.

Your Playlist will not be lost when you log out.

Are there seperate cuts available for each track?

The tracks that have other cuts or mixes available are denoted by the scissor icon. Edits available are normally 60" 30" 20" and 10" lengths. Select the Edits icon to view what cuts are available. You can also download or save the cuts to a Playlist.

What quality are the audition tracks streamed at?

The audition tracks are mp3 files streamed at 128kbps - the same quality that music is available from iTunes.

What quality are the download files?

All our music is available in digital format for downloading as Broadcast Quality MP3 48khz (320kbps) also 16 Bit 48khz BWAV files and 44.1khz 16 Bit AIF files. All files are embedded with Soundminer meta-data for use with the Soundminer application. MP3 and AIF formats will show meta-data in iTunes.

Can I view and load my previous playlists?

Yes. Simply login and go to My Playlists. You will see a record of all your playlists to date. Simply click on the playlist to view the contents.

Can I view all my downloads?

Yes. Simply login and go to My Downloads. You will see a record of all your downloads to date which you can also audition.

Can I view a record of my downloads?

Yes. Simply login and click on My Downloads and you will see a record of all your downloads to date. You can also audition and download tracks again from this page.

What is the difference between classical music in the Boom! Music catalogue and the Countdown Media Classical Collection?

The classical tracks from the Boom! Music Library have been specially written and recorded with media use in mind whereas the Countdown Media Classical Collection consists of top quality recordings of famous classical works by composers who have been dead for more 70 years. The Countdown Media Classical Collection is only available online in the UK.


What is Production Music?

Production Music (or Library Music) is music specifically written for inclusion in audio and audio-visual productions, such as advertisements, broadcast programmes, film and video productions.   Using Production Music is a convenient and cost-effective way of obtaining high quality music for synchronisation and dubbing into such productions.


What are the advantages of using Production Music?

There are many advantages of using Production Music, including:

  • MCPS publishes a rate card for Production Music which enables users to budget accurately
  • Production Music is simple, quick and cost-effective to use
  • Libraries will supply copies of recordings for use in all productions
  • Production Music is available in a variety of moods and lengths to meet the needs of any production
  • There are no pre-clearance formalities in the use of Production Music
  • MCPS has an online licence application form that is quick and simple to use
  • Once a licence is issued by MCPS, all rights normally required are cleared


What is the process for using Production Music?

A detailed Step By Step Guide to Using Production Music is available on this website.  MCPS has also published the guide in leaflet form, which can be obtained by e-mailing your name and postal address to


How long will it take for MCPS to process a licence application?

The vast majority of licence applications are normally processed within 3 working days.


Do I obtain Production Music CDs directly from MCPS?

No, MCPS simply administers the licensing process on behalf of our Library members. You will need to contact the Libraries directly to access music which can be provided in a number of formats, including CDs, online and various other media.  We publish a list of MCPS Library members, with full contact details and website links.


Which other licences do I require?

A PRS licence is also required for the following online uses; background to web/WAP page, streamed programming or webcasting, permanent download. For all other uses of Production Music the only music licence you require is the MCPS Rate Card licence which covers the right to reproduce the musical work, sound recording and artist performance, i.e. all of the rights normally required by a production company.

Services that are making the licensed production available over the Internet or via mobile networks will need to have an appropriate PRS licence covering the performing right.  The performing right is involved in the communication to the public of the musical work contained in the production, whenever it is streamed or downloaded. 

For more information about PRS Online & Mobile licences please call our Online Licensing team on 020 7306 4991, or visit the Online section of the website. 


Does the Rate Card cover the use of chart music?

No, the Rate Card only applies to use of Production Music.  To find out about the process for accessing commercial tracks, please contact MCPS Licensing on 020 8378 7500.


Do I need prior approval to use Production Music in adverts or other contentious areas?

No, once you have registered as a Production Music user there are no pre-clearance formalities involved so long as the correct licences are applied and paid for.


Do Libraries issue any licences directly?

No, in the UK MCPS exclusively administers all of the licensing requirements on behalf of our Library members.  This means that it is easy to use tracks from a number of different Libraries in your productions while still applying for the licence from one central source.


Can I chase/track my application?

You receive a reference number when you submit an online licence application, which you can use to track the status of your application by speaking to MCPS Licensing on 020 8378 7500.


What if I need to update an existing licence?

Please complete the online application form and use the "additional information" section at the end to provide further details on the existing licence, or contact MCPS Licensing on 020 8378 7500.  If you are adding new territories or more copies to your existing licence it is possible to obtain a "top up" licence which could save you money.


Who controls the rights in Commercial Music and Production Music?

When using music in your productions, it is important to consider the rights in the musical work AND the sound recording.  The table below shows the different rights administered by the main UK Copyright Societies.

Rights Required

Commercial Music

Production Music

To Copy

To Communicate
to the Public

To Copy

To Communicate
to the Public

The Musical Work





The Sound Recording

record company





Is there a quick link to the Application for Music Licence (AFML) page?

Frequent users of the AFML may wish to save the following URL as a shortcut: