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What is Production Music?

Production Music is specifically designed for use as theme or incidental music in audio visual productions such as film, television, radio and new media. The music is made widely available to professionals working in production and post production.

The advantages of using production music are:-

  • There are no pre-clearance formalities involved in its use
  • Licences issued by MCPS cover the right to reproduce the musical work, sound recording and artist performance - all the rights normally required by a production company.
  • It is licensed according to the rates published in the MCPS rate card enabling you to budget accurately.
  • Because it is pre-recorded, potential users have the opportunity to test a wide range of music against picture prior to making any payment. Fees are only due when the audio visual production is exhibited, broadcast or offered for sale.
  • Fees are set in accordance with the published rate card.
  • No charge is made for auditioning, the supply of DVDs, hard drives and music downloads to accredited clients (those who have signed the MCPS Code of Conduct). Application for a licence has to be made to MCPS in advance of exploitation. These licences are available for different types of use and for all territories (including world).

For more information on Production Music click here


All download files are encoded with Soundminer meta-data for use in the Soundminer application. MP3 files will also display most of the Soundminer meta-data in iTunes. For more information on Soundminer click here

Distribution Formats

The Boom! Music Library is provided in various formats including online, DVD and hard disk in order to dispense with distribution via CD. This makes for a much simpler search process and saves the user valuable CD storage space!


You can search, audition and download tracks from the Boom! Music website at The music is available as Broadcast Quality mp3 (320kbps) or 16 bit BWAV.

Hard Disk

We can provide the entire library on a single, stand alone hard drive in BWAV format. Like the DVD, you can use the iTunes application for PC or Mac to easily and quickly search using keywords, audition, create playlists and extract only the audio files you need for your project onto your hard drive.

For information on how to set up the hard drive with iTunes click here

Music Services

If you don't have the time to search for music we will do it for you! Just give us a call or email some information to us e.g. what context the music is to be used in, possible style, etc and we will create a playlist for you.