Boom! Music

NEW RELEASES 4th Quarter 2018

Dark Matters 2-Male
An assortment of bluesy vocal songs shinning a light on the dark underbelly of society which fascinates both film makers and views alike
Dark Matters 1-Female
An album of moody songs with dark undertones ideal for ideal for soundtracks or promos
RnB - Male singer songwriter
Hot funky super catchy RnB pop with lyrics suitable for advertising and programming
Sparks - Joy Frost
Fresh radio friendly collection of cool contemporary styles and moods from exciting singer-songwriter Joy Frost
Empowered Songs
Introducing the phenomenonal vocals of Karly C with her emotionally charged pop anthems
Alive - Positive Indie Pop
A catchy collection of vocal tracks ideal for advertisers looking to portray a positive message.
Positive Indie
Pulling together influences from traditional and contemporary folk music to present a beautiful collection of positive indie folk