Boom! Music

NEW RELEASES 3rd Quarter 2021

Dark Net - cyber crime electronica
Dark, futuristic electronica with internet releated cyber crime. Investigation, hacking, tension, suspense.
Chart Pop - songs with vocals
Contemporary radio-friendly commercial vocal pop music. Perfect for advertisement and online audio-visuals.
Crackle & Jazz
Laid-back lo-fi jazz tunes. Vinyl sounding cool, chill, relaxed moods.
Deep Space
Epic sci-fi action and drama trailers.

NEW RELEASES 1st Quarter 2021

October sun - acoustic textures
Beautiful acoustic textures filled with all the colour and human emotions of the autumn days. Calm but little bit moody ambiences, arrangements that recall rain and wind in the pal…
Jade dragon - epic oriental trailer
Epic adventure fantasy trailer music with oriental instruments.
Whimsical village stories
Quirky and eccentric music with some Hungarian folk music spice. Surf guitar, oom-pah beats and western movie attitude with Eastern European twist.
Be happy and positive
Cute and uplifting acoustic songs for everyday use with ukulele. Everything you need to set a happy, positive vibe!
Fuego - solo flamenco guitar
Fiery Spanish solo flamenco guitar moods for human emotions, travel and for any audio-visual that needs passion and beauty.
Ganja - dub and reggae beds
Positive and atmospheric reggae and dub backgrounds with modern production created using vintage sounds and machines such as Roland Space Echo. Travel, documentary and lifestyle.
Emotional strings and piano
Emotional felt piano pieces with soft and ethereal chamber string section about human emotions such as love, remembrance, tenderness and beauty. Perfect for documentary, drama and…
Hydra - trailerized epic pop
Massive, hard-hitting drums with contemporary electronica, atmospheric vocals and sound-design. Perfect for film trailers and TV promos. Very epic.
Songbook Vol 8
Artistic vocal pop album with very unique tracks. Perfect for advertisement, in-store use and TV programming.
Climate change
Electronic music for global warming and related issues. Ominous, dramatic, sombre, serious. Trailer and drone tracks, perfect for documentary, current issues, science and technolog…

NEW RELEASES 1st Quarter 2020

Emotive Solo Piano
Emotional solo piano pieces about human emotions such as love, romance, solitude, loss, sorrow and reminiscence.
Girly Vocal Pop
Radio friendly teen pop with ready to party or ready to fall in love lyrics for the social media generation. Catchy electronic pop songs with great hooks and female vocals.

NEW RELEASES 4th Quarter 2019

Spooky Halloween
Creepy, quirky, whimsical and spooky orchestral Halloween music with lots of humour and character
Keep yourself positive and calm through the relaxing sound of the hang (handpan). Acoustic, organic, chill, Zen, nature.
4 elements - Arpeggios and Sequences
When you need just a light touch of music to transform images into motion. Floating, airy, light tension, science, technology synth arpeggios and various instruments sequences
4 elements - Drums
When you need just a driving rhythm to get the action going or build up tension. Epic, massive, pounding, energetic, minimal, atmospheric, urban beats and grooves.
4 elements - Drones
When you need sinister atmosphere to increase the tension or to keep in suspense. Ominous, horror, sci-fi, scary, anxious drones.
4 elements - Pads
When you need just a tiny bit of music. Simple chord progressions and static minimal atmospheres on synthesizer pad sounds.
Rise of heroes
Epic Triumphant Heroic Orchestral Trailer Music
Songbook Vol 7
Forever popular chill and lounge pop music with vocals. Perfect for advertisement and for in-store music use at places such as coffee shops, hotel lobbies and shopping malls.
Songbook Vol 6
Collection of indie rock and pop song for the ultimate festival line-up or perfect party playlist
Killer grooving beats, giga phat bass and unique moodsetter samples! Versatile hip-hop beats and beds from different era of hip-hop history for the perfect urban mood.
Songbook Vol 5
Super catchy songs with the spirit of the 80s. Retro sound with modern production. Perfect for commercials and movies.
Sunshine and Happiness
An album full of cute and happy tracks that will bring a smile to even the grumpiest faces! Perfect for cooking shows, commercials or under kids' program
Retro Cops
Tracks in the spirit of the 70s! Plenty of funky basslines, vinyl sounding drums, retro synths and wah guitars with modern production. Perfect for a hot pursuit, heist, robbery and…
Songbook Vol 4
Catchy retro songs for commercials and movies with plenty of radio-friendly vocals bringing the feels of the 80's and 90's

NEW RELEASES 4th Quarter 2018

Tense and mysterious scene-setters with loads of ethnic instruments and electronic beats, perfect for an adventure around the globe
Global Crisis - Beats
Cinematic, sad and ominous beats with ethnic elements for documentary, trailer and TV
Songbook Vol 3
Catchy radio-friendly modern commercial vocal pop and dance songs
Songbook Vol 2
Catchy radio-friendly commercial vocal pop and rock songs with retro feel
Club Tropical
Tropical house and pop tracks for the perfect island travel and holiday club experince. Chart topping vocal tracks with catchy instrumentals.
Tribe Ural
Finno-Ugrian on location archive recordings (1958-1979) from the Volga-Kama area (Russia) remixed into groove based modern world music
The future sound of electronic jazz. Jazzy riffs with modern, cool grooves. Perfect choice for corporate, lifestyle and fashion videos and TV backgrounds.
Fantasy and Magical Adventure
Wondrous, magical orchestral family fantasy and adventure themes
Olympic TV Toolbox
The ultimate album for modern sport TV programing. Various styles of music for glory and defeat, for action and tension.
Global Crisis - Drones
Cinematic, sad and ominous drones with ethnic elements for documentary, trailer and TV
The Robot
There are robots in science, manufacture, household, game, transport and war. They can be mighty or tiny, helpful or evil, simple or smart like these tracks on this album. Welcome…
Made in Hungary
Strong and spicy cocktail of popular modern Hungarian music styles
Surfin Samurai
The ultimate collection of surf guitar themes for action, drama and fun
Rock City Never Sleeps
Diverse range of rock guitar riffs and patterns for TV programmes and commercials
Background Beats 2
More programmed grooves and beats with minimal melodies for everyday TV programmes
Background Beats
Diverse range of programmed grooves and beats with minimal melodies for everyday TV programmes
Club Underground
Underground electronica with jazzy sounds and vocal samples
Songbook Vol. 1
Collection of catchy pop, rock and indie hits featuring male and female vocals
Music for Advertisement
A professionally crafted mix of postive and feel-good tracks that really sell products