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  • 80s New Beat Full Mix 02:05 Unadulterated Dancy 80s Brit Style Electro Synth Pop, Hooky Synth Melody 1
  • 80s Cry Boys Full Mix 02:16 Epic 80s Style Moody Synthy Dance Pop, Disco Synth Bass, Catchy Synth Motifs 3
  • 80s 8 Bit Full Mix 02:14 Classic Upbeat Feelgood 80s Brit Synth Pop, Quirky Synth Hooks & Blippy Sequences 5
  • 80s Talk Talk Talk Full Mix 02:08 Epic 80s Style Synth Hooks, Tough Edgy Drums, Flowing Blippy Sequences 7
  • 80s Fashion Victim Full Mix 02:00 Classic Uplifting 80s Brit Style Electro Synth Pop Sounds 9
  • 80s Arpeggiator Full Mix 02:21 Driving 80s Style Synth Pop Vibes, Arpeggiated Sequenced Bass, Edgy Drum Machine 11
  • 80s Cops in the Hills Full Mix 01:55 Dynamic Hooky 80s Synthy Cop Style Theme 13
  • 80s Aftertouch Full Mix 02:15 Mid Tempo Catchy Brit Style 80s Synth Pop, Strong Hooky Bass Motif, Sequenced Elements 15
  • 80s Electro Heaven Full Mix 02:07 80s Style Synth Pop, Atmospheric Monophonic Synth Hooks, Bouncy Synth Bass Line 17
  • 80s Android Full Mix 02:08 Urgent Electro Synth Feel, Muscular Driving Drum Machine, 80s Style Sequenced Synth lines 19
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