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  • As The Tears Roll Down Full Mix 02:26 Mournfully Elegant Lament With Strong Feeling Of Grief & Regret 1
  • Anguish And Loss Full Mix 02:15 Beauitiful, Gracefully Emotive Theme With Feelings Of Solemnity, Heartache & Sorrow 6
  • An Inconsolable Moment Full Mix 02:13 Slow Graceful Melancholic Theme Evoking Feelings Of Yearning, Compassion & Fond Memories - Piano Symbolising Dripping Tears 15
  • A Final Parting Full Mix 02:16 Dark Sombre Lament Expressing Feelings Of Tragedy, Grief & Regret 20
  • A Poignant Story Full Mix 01:52 Flowing Passionate Minimalist Theme Expressing Feelings Of Tragedy & Emotional Suffering 25
  • Aching Heart Full Mix 02:02 Delicate Sparse Subdued Theme Evoking Feelings Of Isolation & Hopelessness 28
  • Apprehensive Intrigue Full Mix 02:31 Flowing Dignified Theme Conveying Feelings Trepidation & Consternation 33
  • A Wistful Reflection Full Mix 02:17 Wistful Reflective Theme Conveying Feelings Of Warm Nostalgia & Fond Memories 39
  • A Heartfelt Plea Full Mix 02:11 Stately, Diginfied Theme With Sense Of Profound Melancholy 42
  • A Loving Memory Full Mix 02:52 Gentle, Tender, Introspective Theme With Feelings Of Sadness & Reflection 45
  • Abandonment Full Mix 02:24 Rueful Contemplative Theme Expressing Feelings of Solitude, Sadness & Regret 50
  • A Trial By Jury Full Mix 02:49 Solemn, Stern, Funereal March Style Drums & Tense, Austere Strings 53
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