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  • 70s Hackers Full Mix 03:47 Vinyl Sounding Action Or Tension Groove With Funky Bassline,… 1
  • Hotshot Full Mix 02:21 Crunchy Vinyl Drum Groove With Funky Bass Synth Bass Line Fe… 2
  • The Robbery Full Mix 02:36 70s Style TV Cop Series Main Title Type Arrangement Featurin… 3
  • The Gang Full Mix 03:50 Driving Bass Line With Vinyl Sounding Groove, Featuring Funk… 4
  • Roger That Baby Full Mix 02:36 Dark And Dirty Funky Groove With Wah Bass, Distorted Guitar… 5
  • Lonely Night Streets Full Mix 03:57 Dark And Slow Groove Featuring Spy Guitar Theme. Light A Cig… 6
  • Riviera Pursuit Full Mix 02:16 Fast And Intense Pursuit Groove, With Sequenced Synth Bass L… 7
  • Follow The Line Full Mix 03:44 Funky Bass And Wah Guitar With Killer Disco Beats Featuring… 8
  • Dragon Boss Full Mix 03:09 Driving Vinyl Sounding Funky Grooves With 70s Style German E… 9
  • Chevy Space Travel Full Mix 03:11 Chill Funky Bassline And Retro Drum Machine Grooves And Brea… 10
  • Coming Friday Full Mix 02:20 Thumping Bass Line With Massive Disco Groove And Brass Riff.… 11
  • Analog Nature Full Mix 02:32 Hooky Bass Line With Old School Synths Creating An A E S T H… 12
  • Marijuana Full Mix 03:17 Retro American Voice Samples On Top Of Some Retro Funk Groov… 13
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