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  • Chocolate Muffin Full Mix 01:55 Cutesy Track With Ukulele And Claps That Will Cheer You Up,… 1
  • Simple Life Full Mix 02:40 A Kind Ukulele Tune With Some Brass On Reggae Beat To Help Y… 2
  • Strawberry Cupcake Full Mix 02:03 A Track As Sweet As A Cupcake Featuring A Friendly Ukulele R… 3
  • Summer Cycling Full Mix 02:00 A Kind Summery Feel-good Song You Can Listen To While Riding… 4
  • Up On The Hill Full Mix 02:11 Friendly And Playful Track With Some Easy-going Ukulele, Gui… 5
  • Gone Fishing Full Mix 01:58 A Quirky Whistler With Ukulele, Acoustic Guitar And Bass In… 6
  • Sunny Monday Full Mix 02:35 Uplifting And Catchy Track With Ukulele And Lively Drums Fea… 7
  • Green Economy Full Mix 02:00 Happy And Hopeful Guitar And Drums To Accompany Your Newest… 8
  • Happy Farm Full Mix 02:27 A Simple Little Ukulele Tune To Hum Along And Think About Ha… 9
  • Sentimental Naughty Boys Full Mix 02:30 Fast Paced Acoustic Upbeat Indie Pop To Get The Party Going! 10
  • Story Teller Wall Clock Full Mix 02:02 A Building Homely Tune For A Happy Ending Where Finally All… 11
  • Hippo And The Sparrow Full Mix 01:46 A Warm, Quirky Track With A Goofy Piano For Children's' Show… 12
  • Easy Tap Dance Full Mix 00:51 Jazzy Drums With A Catchy Piano And Marimba Lead. Whistle Al… 13
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