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  • G In Da House Full Mix 01:45 Swagger Hard-hitting Urban Beat With Hooky Massive Synth Lea… 1
  • Concrete Jungle Full Mix 02:12 Looped Thumb Piano And Ethnic Flute Riff On Modern Funky Hip… 2
  • Bo Dee Da Full Mix 02:42 Chilled Jazzy Rhodes Piano Chords On A Laid-back Urban Beat… 3
  • Sick DJ Full Mix 03:11 Distorted Earth-shaking Synth Hook With Vocal Like Lead Synt… 4
  • Sensei Suro Full Mix 02:25 Treated Japanese Koto Riff Over Laid-back Urban Groove Featu… 5
  • Bang Bang Bang Full Mix 03:41 Ready For Action Aggressive Distorted Wah Guitar Loop With P… 6
  • The Real G Funk Full Mix 02:59 West-Coast Style Groove With Funky Bass And Guitars Featurin… 7
  • Savage Streets Full Mix 03:40 Dark Tense East-coast Style Beats With Wah Rhodes Chords And… 8
  • El Gringo Loco Full Mix 03:12 Catchy Jazzy Latin Guitar Hook With Clean Urban Beats Featur… 9
  • Baby Please Full Mix 03:36 Sentimental Piano Theme Over Retro West-coast Beat With Sax… 10
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