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  • Freefall Full Mix 03:05 Driving String Section Builds Into Big Epic Anthemic Brass T… 1
  • I Know That You Will Come Full Mix 03:19 Piano And Ethereal Vocal On Pulsating Synths Intro Builds In… 2
  • One Last Flight Full Mix 03:21 Storytelling Solo Cello Intro Theme Builds Full Epic Majesti… 3
  • Heroes Will Rise Again Full Mix 02:19 Atmospheric Intro Builds Up With Vocals And Strings Until So… 4
  • Is It Worth Fighting? Full Mix 02:48 Vocals And Viola Intro On Pulsating Synths Builds Into Overw… 5
  • They Are All Heroes Full Mix 02:26 Repetitive Low Strings Intro Builds Into Majestic Anthem Lik… 6
  • When Your World Collapses Full Mix 02:38 Pulsating Synth Sequence Builds Into Tense Modern Hybrid Wit… 7
  • We Don't Have More Time Full Mix 03:43 Warm And Tender Intro Piano Builds Up With Strings And Epic… 8
  • The Stolen Kiss Full Mix 01:51 Poignant Romantic Love Theme With String Section And Tender… 9
  • Chasing To The End Full Mix 02:27 Repetitive Driving Anxious String Section With Epic Brass Th… 10
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