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  • Happy & Easygoing Full Mix 02:00 A Happy & Charming Acoustic Tune With Ukulele, Mandolin, Aco… 1
  • Sunny Day Fun Full Mix 01:43 A Cheerful & Bouncy Duet With Ukulele And Acoustic Guitar Ac… 2
  • Take Life Easy Full Mix 02:01 Take Life Easy With Nice Ukulele Strums, Acoustic Guitars, E… 3
  • Easy Reggae Walk Full Mix 02:18 An Easy-going, Relaxed And Reggae Influenced Acoustic Track… 4
  • Happy Stomping Feet Full Mix 02:11 A Happy Stomping Feel-good Blues, Simple, Folky, Humorous &… 5
  • Dreamy Happiness Full Mix 02:12 A Dreamy & Floating Finger-picked Ukulele & Organic Acoustic… 6
  • Going Happy Go Full Mix 02:01 An Irresistibly Cheerful, Uplifting And Happy Tune With Ukul… 7
  • Happy Sunshine Walk Full Mix 02:07 A Happy, Carefree, Easy & Moving Tune With Playful Plucked G… 8
  • Easy & Dreamy Chill Full Mix 02:07 Relaxed, Easy, Dreamy And Charming Ukuleles And A Folky Slid… 9
  • Relaxed & Easy Life Full Mix 02:35 A Nice, Moving And Charming Ukulele Waltz With Many Little D… 10
  • Funny & Easygoing Full Mix 01:58 Funny, Humorous And Carefree Acoustic Tune With Happy Plucke… 11
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