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  • Assassin Full Mix 03:00 Mysterious synth ambiences, slow rhyhmic pulse, sound design, bass at 1'58" 1
  • A Covert Crime Full Mix 03:29 Eerie, mysterious ambience synth developing with subtle electronic rhythmic elements for heightened tension 6
  • Advancing Incrimination Full Mix 01:45 Pulsing electronica & synthy atmospherics, rhythmic tension a 38" with haunting melodic riff & urgent string motif 11
  • A Darknet Cyber Force Full Mix 02:00 Atmospheric synth ambience drone & voice textures, light rhythmic electronica pulse at 23", heavier groove at 49" 17
  • Archetypal Psycho Full Mix 02:34 Unsettling, eerie, ghostly, paranormal atmospherics, layered sound design textures, pulsy electronica at 1'34" 21
  • Appetite For Subversion Full Mix 02:22 Atmospheric sound design, pulsing electronica, menacing edgy distorted kit drum at 39" & wailing guitar FX 25
  • A Lethal Dose Full Mix 02:14 Atmospheric mysterious ambience, ethereal voices & sound design building with menacing rhythmic synths, subtle piano tail off 29
  • Afflicted Full Mix 01:55 Atmospheric synth textures, sound design, pulsy electronica with subtle tense rhythmc tension & hint of melancholy 34
  • A Psycho Surveillance Full Mix 02:00 Unnerving sound design atmosphere, pulsy electronica, underpinned by subtle dark drone 38
  • Auto-Observation Full Mix 02:00 Ethereal ambient synths, sound design, voice textures & drone, pulsy electronica, throbbing rhythmic heartbeat pulse at 1'05" 41
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