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  • Like This Full Mix 05:11 Stomping Urban Electro Beats Featuring MC Vocal 1
  • Probe Nation Full Mix 01:46 Dynamic Beats And Eclectic Vocal Chants 6
  • Pump It Up Full Mix 04:13 Urban Electro Beats Featuring Rap 11
  • Megasonic Full Mix 02:35 In Yer Face Hardcore Drum And Bass 16
  • Bustin Full Mix 02:18 Hip Hop Beats And Vocal Loops 21
  • Oralizer Full Mix 01:34 Funky Human Beatbox Featuring Eclectic Mix Of Sounds 26
  • Flex Full Mix 04:20 Urban Electronic Pop Groove 31
  • Leg It Full Mix 02:14 Urgent Drum And Bass Beats And Sounds 36
  • Urban Enemy Full Mix 02:26 Funky Hip Hop Beats 41
  • Mach Five Full Mix 01:52 Urgent Drum And Bass Beats And Sounds 46
  • Tekhead Full Mix 02:38 Urgent Beats And Quirky Vocal Samples 51
  • D-Licious Full Mix 03:05 Smooth Urban RnB Groove Bed 56
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