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  • The Real Deal Full Mix 03:24 Catchy Funky Pop With Lots Of Advertising Usage Potential. L… 1
  • Fool Up Full Mix 02:28 Upbeat Indie Pop Rock. Lyrics About Good Times, Party, Havin… 8
  • She's Rare She's Fine Full Mix 03:25 Contemporary Indie Pop With Lots Of Advertising Usage Potent… 13
  • Troubles To The River Full Mix 02:28 Edgy Indie Pop With Syncopated Rhythm. Lyrics About Handling… 20
  • Living It Up Full Mix 02:52 Sunny Funky Indie Pop. Lyrics About The Good Life, Living It… 25
  • Let It Go Full Mix 03:30 Happy Indie Rock With Bite. Lyrics About Revolution, Trend S… 30
  • Live To Love Full Mix 03:55 Optimistic Upbeat Lyrics To Match The 80s Influenced Pop. Ly… 35
  • Love For Life Full Mix 03:54 Slow And Sultry RnB Groove. Lyrics About Love For Life, Bein… 40
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