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  • I Feel All Right Full Mix 02:37 Driving Indie Rock With A Cool Confident Swagger 1
  • Just Like A Hurricane Full Mix 02:09 Cocky Youthful Affirmation For The World To Pay Attention 9
  • Army Of Us Full Mix 02:55 Epic Electro Rock Primed For Action, Ideal For Video Gaming… 17
  • Can't Bring Me Down Full Mix 02:47 Feel Good RnB Vibe With Happy Positive Message 24
  • Having A Bad Day Full Mix 02:16 Energetic Alternative Rock Track About Having A Bad Day 31
  • Renegade Full Mix 02:22 Defiant Youthful Flip The Bird At Society 39
  • Won't Break Me Full Mix 02:44 Indie Rock With Brash Proud Strong Attitude 46
  • Here Comes Trouble Full Mix 03:36 Indie Electro Gospel Blues Feel With A Plea For His Troubles… 52
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