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  • Asian Warriors Full Mix 02:21 Epic Strings Combined With East Asian Instruments To Deliver… 1
  • Qing Dynasty Full Mix 01:53 Eastern And Western Instruments Fuse Into A Powerful Majesti… 9
  • To The East Full Mix 02:17 Be Transported To The Far East Along The Silk Road To Discov… 17
  • Princess Pearl Full Mix 01:48 Proud And Regal Strings Mixed With Powerful Drums And Tradit… 24
  • Khan Full Mix 02:25 Grand Heroic Theme Slowly Builds In Grandeur And Power 31
  • Jade Marble Full Mix 01:53 Slow Percussive Build To Proud Inspirational Climax 41
  • For The Throne Full Mix 02:01 Imposing Epic Theme Of Grand Proportions 48
  • Eastern Dawn Full Mix 01:44 The Mystical Far East Slowly Rises In Power Like A Phoenix T… 56
  • Back To Forest Full Mix 01:55 Enigmatic Theme That Slowly Reveals The Beauty Behind The Ba… 64
  • Yang Guifei Full Mix 02:08 Majestic Orchestral Theme That Slowly Builds In Intensity 73
  • General Guan Yu Full Mix 01:44 Epic March Into Battle And Victory 81
  • Palace Yard Full Mix 02:11 Tantalizing Theme Of Intrigue And Political Manoeuvring 88
  • Death Marching Full Mix 02:10 Heroic March To Death Or Glory 96
  • Iron Scale Armour Full Mix 02:06 Ancient Warriors Ready For Epic Battle 103
  • Valley Battle Full Mix 01:34 Epic Struggle To Overcome The Fearsome Enemy 111
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