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  • A Picture Of You Full Mix 03:17 Sparse Intro Erupts @ 1:16 Into A Epic Majestic Theme. Memor… 1
  • Solitude Full Mix 02:47 Touching Piano And Orchestral Theme Will Move Even The Harde… 10
  • So Lonely Full Mix 02:29 Beautiful Melancholic Orchestral Theme. Past Love. 17
  • Distance Full Mix 02:32 Stirring Piano Develops Into Dramatic Orchestral Theme In 6/… 26
  • Never Come Back- Main Full Mix 02:06 Sentimental Orchestral Theme Of Tender Beauty. 31
  • Teardrops Full Mix 02:11 Angelic Theme Builds To An Emotionally Charged Climax With P… 36
  • Flowers Grief Full Mix 02:24 Sombre Theme Paints A Delicate Moving Picture Of Loss And Gr… 43
  • I Miss You Full Mix 02:46 Poignant And Dynamic Orchestral Theme Of Great Beauty And Sw… 48
  • I Was Full Mix 02:15 An Emotionally Intimate Diary Of Regret Looking Back On What… 58
  • Yesterday Full Mix 02:44 Epic Orchestral Track, That Soars And Swoops Through A Magic… 63
  • Epilogue One Full Mix 01:54 Tender And Moving Theme Featuring Piano, Strings And Soaring… 71
  • In Winter Full Mix 02:31 Delicate And Poignant Piano Waltz With A Beautiful Distinct… 79
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