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  • Behind The Wires Full Mix 03:02 Moving Bubbling Electronic Bed With Strings And Drums 1
  • Night Vision Full Mix 02:45 Ominous Battle Drums With Insistent Strings Rise To Set A Th… 4
  • Cyber Defence Full Mix 02:32 Swirling Electro, Technology, Cyber Tension 7
  • Proxy War Full Mix 03:28 Hybrid Tension With Throbbing Oscillating Electronic Synths… 10
  • This Is Not A Drill Full Mix 03:01 Against The Clock And Against The Odds 13
  • Red Lines Full Mix 02:21 Glitchy Slowly Developing Tension With Rhythm That Steadily… 16
  • Rules Of Engagement Full Mix 02:44 Eerie Mysterious Intro Develops With Powerful Drum Rhythm 19
  • Hive Mind Full Mix 03:25 Disconcerting Glassy Synth Sound With Insistent Drums 22
  • False Flag Full Mix 02:58 Intricate Rhythms And Synths Slowly Builds To A Climax 25
  • Negotiations Failed Full Mix 02:56 Futuristic Tension With Powerful Complex Polyrhythms 28
  • Shadowlands Full Mix 03:02 Brooding Electro Soundscape Starts With Drone And Bubbling A… 31
  • Dead Space Full Mix 02:41 Insistent And Threatening Sci-fi Investigative Soundscape 34
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