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  • Utopia Full Mix 01:52 Light Tension With Serious Undertones, A Variety Of Differen… 1
  • Collusion Full Mix 01:41 Sombre Mood As The Tension Is Rising 10
  • American Greed Full Mix 02:08 Who Will Stand Up And Confront The Challenge 19
  • Building Tomorrow Full Mix 02:13 Serious Attitude About Building Hope For Tomorrow 25
  • Bad Actors Full Mix 01:56 Insistent, Pulsating Bass & Percussion Creates Tension With… 33
  • Treason Full Mix 02:00 Crucial Decisions Need Thoughtful Consideration 43
  • Spin Room Full Mix 02:10 Accentuate The Positive Eliminate The Negative 47
  • Politics As Usual Full Mix 01:57 Insistent Rhythm From Piano And Strings Drives The Building… 52
  • Diplomat Full Mix 02:16 A Calm But Firm Leader Is Needed To Steer Through Troubled W… 60
  • The Oval Office Full Mix 02:29 Strong Insistent Serious Theme 66
  • Red Alert Full Mix 02:15 Determined Theme In A Time Of Danger And Conflict 72
  • Under Siege Full Mix 02:30 Menacing Strings Intensify The Siege Mentality 82
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