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  • Devils Playground Full Mix 02:38 Menacing Synths Punctuate This Dramatic Urban Thriller 1
  • Doing Hard Time Full Mix 01:46 Dramatic Strings With Underscored Hip-hop Beats 7
  • Big Trouble Full Mix 01:54 Monster Bass With Bouncy Beat With Klla Rise And Drops 13
  • Urban Crime Full Mix 02:21 Understated Urban Tension Build 19
  • Karma Be Bad Full Mix 02:32 Slow Pulsing Atmospheric Dystopian Underworld 25
  • Bad Vibes Full Mix 02:00 Low Key Moody Urban Drama 31
  • Shady Customers Full Mix 02:30 Rising Tension Driven By Relentless Strings And Church Organ 38
  • Thugs Life Full Mix 02:06 Dangerous Ambience On Tough Streets 44
  • Street Violence Full Mix 02:14 Big City Back Streets, Dark Night No-go Zones 50
  • The Big House Full Mix 02:11 Brooding Piano And Strings Creates Unnerving Tension 56
  • The Hood Full Mix 01:55 Ominous Synth Bass Pulse, Understated Tension 62
  • Counting The Minutes Full Mix 02:00 Suspenseful Urban Drama 68
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