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  • Edge Of Your Seat Full Mix 02:16 Razor Sharp Guitar Rhythms Drive This Powerful Tension Track 1
  • Counting The Seconds Full Mix 01:51 Ticking Arpeggiating Guitar Rhythm Start Builds With The Add… 6
  • Anticipation Full Mix 03:01 Crisp Plucked Guitar Creates And Builds The Feeling Of Antic… 11
  • Best Efforts Full Mix 02:19 Things Are Looking Brighter With A Hopeful Expectation Of Go… 16
  • Big Decisions Full Mix 02:05 Decisions Have To Be Made And The Tension Rises, Will They M… 21
  • Deep Impact Full Mix 02:10 Apprehensive, Slowly Evolving Bed With Pulsing Bass, Eerie D… 26
  • Accusations Full Mix 02:08 Allegations Have Been Made, Now The Time Of Reckoning Is Her… 31
  • Brooding Enigmatically Full Mix 02:46 Deep In Thought As They Contemptate The Baffling Situation 36
  • Deliberation Full Mix 02:40 Slowly Building Insistent Tension 41
  • Darkness Descends Full Mix 02:04 Insistent With A Brooding Sense Of Anticipation 46
  • Advancing Tension Full Mix 02:01 Assertive Guitar Motif Intro Builds To A Epic Climax 51
  • Deep Introspection Full Mix 03:01 Slowly Evolving Tension Bed With Fast Moving Guitar Arpeggio… 56
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