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  • The Ultimate Punishment Full Mix 01:38 Dark Simmering Aggressive Epic Tension Just Waiting To Pounc… 1
  • The Final Judgement Full Mix 01:29 You Cant Outrun This Driving And Brutal Epic 6
  • Final Survivor Full Mix 01:30 Invincible Epic With Unstoppable Momentum From Pounding Drum… 12
  • Action Day Full Mix 01:41 Inspirational Theme Rising Out Of The Ashes To Bring Hope An… 18
  • Game Of Battle Full Mix 01:43 Pressure Is Building As The Clock Ticks And Battle Is Ready… 27
  • The Confrontation Full Mix 01:42 Pulsing Bass And Staccato Strings Lead The Chase To Build In… 34
  • Running Out Of Time Full Mix 01:51 The Looming Deadline Is Ramping Up The Pressure As It Quickl… 40
  • Earth Shattering Full Mix 01:36 Powerful Drums And Strings Set A Blistering Pace In The Race… 49
  • Resistance Full Mix 01:28 Tense Pulsing Synth Builds With Swelling Horns To Create A T… 55
  • The Hunt Is On Full Mix 01:25 Dark And Brooding Theme With Build To The End 62
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