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  • Secret Stories Full Mix 01:39 Moving Theme Gives Hope That A Perplexing Investigation Will… 1
  • Cyber Spies Full Mix 01:33 Driving Intense Action Theme 10
  • Evidence X Full Mix 01:25 Startling Facts Are Uncovered That Will Turn The Case Upside… 17
  • Case Closed Full Mix 01:32 Powerful But Ambiguous Ending To A Perplexing Case 26
  • Frozen In Fear Full Mix 01:52 Trapped In A Futuristic Underworld Of Epic Tension 33
  • Minds Eye Full Mix 01:40 Psychological Thriller Will Have You On The Edge Of Your Sea… 41
  • Game Of Questions Full Mix 01:37 The Seeds Of Doubt Have Been Sown, Let The Mind Games Begin 48
  • The Dark Files Full Mix 01:36 Scientific Minds Examining The Facts To Crack The Case 56
  • Person Of Interest Full Mix 01:31 Crime Investigation Whodunit 61
  • Moments In Crime Full Mix 01:27 Medium Tension Bed With Pulsing Synths For Crime And Investi… 68
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