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  • Artificial View Full Mix 01:45 Pulsing And Throbbing Electro Suspense With A Slow Deliberat… 1
  • Phoenix Full Mix 01:56 Slowly Building Electro Tension Track Perfect For Crime Dram… 14
  • Lightless Full Mix 01:50 Slightly Disconcerting Intro Builds With Powerful Drums 27
  • Basic Route Full Mix 01:53 Pounding Forceful Beats And Chilling Synth Pulses Bring The… 38
  • Open Ended Full Mix 02:06 Ominous Low Analog Synth Pulses And Edgy Epic Drums Turn Up… 47
  • Hidden Field Full Mix 02:04 Dark Electro Action Drama Pulses And Pounds Till It Reached… 58
  • Command Full Mix 02:08 Throbbing Synths With Haunting Flute Create A Scary Tension… 70
  • Far Fetched Full Mix 02:00 Threatening Dark Synths Swirl And Twist As The Drama Escalat… 84
  • Gritty Aspect Full Mix 02:10 Intimidating Electro Pulses Systemically Percolate And Build… 97
  • Dangerous Move Full Mix 02:06 Dangerous Dark Electro Drama Track Evolves As The True Exten… 107
  • Field Of Illusion Full Mix 01:57 Spine Tingling Crime Drama That Slowly Swirls And Builds All… 118
  • Request Full Mix 02:14 Swirling And Evolving Modern Crimescape Action 129
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