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  • Eleventh Hour Full Mix 02:05 Percussive Tension Tracks Underpinned With Dark Pulsing Synt… 1
  • Soldiers March Full Mix 02:03 Quick March Into The Face Of Danger, Powerful And Percussive… 13
  • Snipers Nest Full Mix 02:01 Suspense Is Knowing They Are Being Watched But Waiting For T… 25
  • Battle Rattle Full Mix 02:02 Throbbing Pulsing Synths With Thunderous Drums 37
  • Dust One Full Mix 02:01 Pounding Out A Tribal Rhythm With An Anxious Atmospheric Dro… 49
  • Prepare For Battle Full Mix 02:03 Assemble The Team The Time Has Come To Put All The Training… 61
  • Edge Of Existence Full Mix 02:02 Unsettling Atmospheric Drones With Pounding Drums To Bring O… 73
  • Covert Mission Full Mix 02:02 Mysterious Forces Using Subterfuge And Intrigue To Create M… 85
  • Enemy Lines Full Mix 02:02 There's Always Drama And Suspense When Contestants Risk It A… 97
  • Night Ranger Full Mix 02:01 Funky Bass With A Dangerous Groove Lurking In The Dark To Gr… 109
  • Master Of The Wild Full Mix 02:02 Tribal Drums And Atmospheric Drones, Dark And Dangerous 121
  • Desert Outpost Full Mix 02:04 Primal Percussion With Edgy Dark Bassline Groove That That R… 133
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