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  • A Look Of Love Full Mix 02:03 Beautiful Majestic Emotive Piano Theme, Warm Evocative Strings - Expressing A Positive Nostalgia 1
  • As Time Remembers Full Mix 02:44 Warm Poignant Piano Theme, Lush String Quartet, Cello Feature At 1'06" - Uplifting, Positive & Hopeful Yet Melancholy 6
  • A Friend For Life Full Mix 02:23 Wistful, Warm Sparse Piano Chords & Emotive String Ensemble At 1'07" - Gently Introspective & Wistful, Expressing A Reflection Of Fond Memories 11
  • 1 Life From Cradle To Grave Full Mix 02:02 Delicate Piano Motif & Tender Strings Building To A Bold Emotional Intensity 16
  • A Peaceful Place Full Mix 02:58 Gentle Bittersweet Piano Theme, Orchestral Arrangement At 1'12" Building To Lush Emotive Crescendo At 2'20" 21
  • Always Yours Full Mix 02:34 Flowing Minimalist Piano, Haunting String Quartet Swells At 37", Melancholy Reflective Sentiment 28
  • A Reminder Of Good Times Full Mix 02:02 Stirirng Piano Led Theme With Strong Emotional Impact Featuring Full Band & Orchestra At 1'04" Building In Emotion To Climax At 1'34" 33
  • A Way Forward Full Mix 02:10 Tender, Positive Solo Piano Theme With Sense Of Nostalgia - Middle Section Builds In Intensity 41
  • All That I Had Full Mix 01:26 Impassioned Flowing Solo Piano Theme With A Sense Of Yearning & Longing 44
  • All My Memories Full Mix 01:55 Gentle Flowing Solo Piano Theme With A Bittersweet Sentiment Increasing In Intensity Throughout 47
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