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  • Detection Full Mix 02:57 Slowly Evolving With Sinister Bass Pulse. Scary Threatening… 1
  • Drug Lord Full Mix 03:14 Pounding Heartbeat With Ominous Bass Synths Slowly Cracks Up… 8
  • Lawless Full Mix 02:39 Sinister Pulse Driven Underscore Ideal For Crime Shows And D… 14
  • Hideout Full Mix 02:57 Piano Theme Over Arpeggiated Synth With A Slow Relentless Bu… 21
  • Suspicion Full Mix 02:19 Threatening Underscore With Lots Of Enthralling Variation Fr… 27
  • Investigation Section Full Mix 02:24 The Tension Is Palpable As The Crime Fighters Search For Clu… 32
  • Growing Menace Full Mix 02:29 Slow But Relentless Building Underscore Seems Ominous And Un… 38
  • Hidden Clues Full Mix 02:51 Expert Criminologists Peel Back The Layers One By One To Rev… 45
  • Unusual Methods Full Mix 02:40 Pulsing Soundscape Slowly Reveals The Dangers Lurking From D… 51
  • Network Attack Full Mix 02:25 Relentless Hackers Attacking In Waves With Pulsing Synths An… 57
  • Paranoia Full Mix 02:41 Cold Ostinato Piano Phrase With Ominous Strings Slowly Build… 64
  • The Evidence Room Full Mix 02:17 Reverse Synths With A Touch The X Files To Forge A Disturbin… 71
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