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  • Quest Full Mix 01:28 Grand Majestic Trailer Building To A Heroic Climax 1
  • Destiny Full Mix 02:30 Emotive Intro Builds Into A Beautifully Uplifting Orchestral… 7
  • The 6Th Tense Full Mix 01:58 Beguiling Orchestral Psychological Theme Of Murder, Mystery… 13
  • Fashion Tense Full Mix 02:41 Perfect Soundtrack For The Tension On The Catwalk Where Repu… 19
  • Another Tense Full Mix 01:33 Bass And Piano Intro That Takes Off In Powerful Up-tempo Lig… 24
  • Tight Deadline Full Mix 02:13 Intense Dramatic Action Theme Ideal For Reality TV Action Ch… 29
  • Watergate Full Mix 01:31 Powerful Political Theme With Military Snare Drums, Brass An… 37
  • Hyper Tension Full Mix 01:27 Dramatic Piano Motif With Brass And Strings Building The Pre… 43
  • Social Pressure Full Mix 01:44 Emphatic Tension Theme Driven By Powerful Guitar Riff, Soari… 50
  • Hustle Full Mix 01:05 Funky 70s Retro Cop Show Suspense Underscore 56
  • No Pressure Full Mix 02:14 Smooth Sophisticated Light Tension Bed With Retro Funky Feel 62
  • High Tension Full Mix 02:13 Driving Tension Builder That Slowly Builds Under Constant Pr… 68
  • Relentless Tension Full Mix 02:00 Powerful Orchestral Theme That Builds And Builds Into An Epi… 74
  • Agincourt Full Mix 01:02 Lion Hearted Epic March Into Battle 79
  • Power Chasers Full Mix 02:16 Slow Building Tension Bed Driven By Guitar, Piano And String… 81
  • Border Pressure Full Mix 02:43 The Pressure Gauge Is Creeping Up Will The Authorities Be Ab… 90
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