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  • The New Wave Full Mix 02:32 Kicking With Lotsa Attitude Building The Drama And The Tensi… 1
  • Too Far Full Mix 03:01 Dynamic Trap Builds The Drama With Choir To Make A Cinematic… 19
  • I Told Em Full Mix 02:47 Bangin Cinematic Trap With Boastful Rap 35
  • We Stand Full Mix 03:13 Defiant Track About Rising Up Against The Odds Builds Into H… 50
  • Legendary Nights Full Mix 03:03 Hybrid Trap Track Builds To A Powerful Chorus, Ideal For Spo… 65
  • We Up Full Mix 02:56 Ready Willing And Able To Take On The World, Respect. 81
  • Fighting Through It Full Mix 03:08 Forceful Badass Trap With Battle Ready Epic Feel 96
  • Losing It Full Mix 02:51 Moody Mix Of Pulsating Tension And Trap Beats 113
  • No Sign Of Defeat Full Mix 03:18 Never Give Up, Strive And Compete 125
  • Cuz I Can't Stop Full Mix 02:46 Gritty Hip Hop-trap With Boastful Rap About Getting To The T… 140
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