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  • Desperate Running Full Mix 02:08 Powerful Epic Hybrid Track With Punchy Pop Rhythms, Strings… 1
  • Fight Club Full Mix 00:59 Tough And Forceful Hybrid With Strong Beats, Lots Of Good Cu… 10
  • Epic Competition Full Mix 01:49 Determined And Heroic Trailer With Soaring Strings And Drivi… 17
  • Divided We Fall Full Mix 02:24 Suspense Slowly Builds Then Changes Up A Gear @ 1:30 As Choi… 23
  • Nightfall Full Mix 02:09 Dramatic Hybrid Orchestral Piece With Lots Of Dynamics And S… 34
  • Arcadia Full Mix 01:38 Heroic Slow Building Orchestral Trailer Epic Rises To Coloss… 47
  • Eye On The Target Full Mix 02:05 Strong Sports Action Theme Driven By Guitar And Hybrid Orche… 57
  • Victorious Full Mix 02:23 Triumphant Orchestral Theme That Will Inspire As It Rises To… 66
  • Triumph Of Kings Full Mix 01:43 Starts With Piano Motif Then Builds With Orchestra, Choir An… 73
  • Digital Dreams Full Mix 01:40 Electro Pulses Slowly Evolve Into Thoughtful Suspense Them 85
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