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  • Big Blue Planet Full Mix 02:22 Epic Inspirational Cinematic Orchestral Theme Building In Emotion Evoking A Feeling Of Awe & Wonder. Featuring Soprano Vocal 1
  • Awe Of Creation Full Mix 02:57 Majestic Uplifting Orchestral Theme Increasing In Emotional Impact Throughout - Evoking A Sense Of Awe & Wonder 16
  • Mother Earth Full Mix 04:05 Beautiful Evocative Orchestral Theme - Epic Cinematic Feel, Sweeping Strings & Heartfelt Melody. Developing With Drums At 2'35" 27
  • Majesty In Motion Full Mix 02:42 Flowing Piano & Majestic Orchestral Strings Developing To Epic & Strident Climax With Drums 37
  • Amazing World Full Mix 03:08 Graceful Uplifting Cinematic Orchestral Theme - Majestic Strings, Evoking Feelings Of Hope 47
  • Fragile Earth Full Mix 03:13 Slow Burning, Evocative Filmic Orchestral Theme Building To Profound Sense Of Awe 57
  • Force Of Nature Full Mix 02:46 Epic Cinematic Orchestral Theme, Piano Motif Providing Sense Of Urgency, More Strident At 1'14" With Feeling Of Triumph Over Adversity 69
  • Glory Of Nature Full Mix 02:33 Piano & Cello Theme With Sense Of Sadness & Loss Buliding Gradually Throughout To Full Orchestral Epicness To Reprise Finale 81
  • Dying Embers Full Mix 02:12 Beautifully Gentle Yet Sombre & Sorrowful Cinematic Piano & Orchestral Strings Theme - Heightened Emotional Arrangement At 1'32" 95
  • Extinction Full Mix 02:27 Delicate Intermittent Orchestral String Phrases Expressing A Strong Sense Of Loss & Yearning 102
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