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  • Appalachian Jig Full Mix 01:12 Jovial Upbeat Foot Tapping Appalachian Mountain Style Folky Fiddle Tune 1
  • Gaelic Gala Full Mix 01:31 Sprightly Upbeat Traditional Irish Styled Theme 4
  • Rocky Mountain Railroad Full Mix 01:44 Jaunty Old time Appalachian Mountain Styled Theme - Yeehaa! 7
  • Highland Jig Full Mix 01:11 Tradional Scottish Styled Theme - Sporrans At The Ready For A Good Old Highland Fling! 10
  • Irish Rose Full Mix 01:34 Tender Traditional Styled Theme Evoking Feelings Of Nostalgia For The Old Ireland 13
  • Kentucky Hoedown Full Mix 01:27 Upbeat Uptempo Hot & Swinging Bluegrass - Yeehaa! 16
  • Cowboy Country Waltz Full Mix 01:43 Slow, Lilting Country & Western Style Waltz 19
  • Prayer For Passover Full Mix 01:48 Dark, Atmospheric Sephardic Style Violin, Ominous Bass Drone Building In Depth 22
  • Cajun Barn Dance Full Mix 01:51 Jaunty Cajun Jitterbug Style Barn Dance 26
  • Square Dance Full Mix 01:36 Uptempo Appalachian Mountain Style Folky Fiddle Tune 29
  • Arabian Sky Full Mix 01:40 Dark, Atmospheric Middle Eastern Style Violin, Ominous Bass Drone Building In Depth 32
  • Russia Nights Full Mix 01:48 Genteel 19th Century Style Russian Salon Waltz 36
  • Hungarian Rhapsody Full Mix 01:56 Uptempo Traditional Style Hungarian Dance 39
  • Jewish Wedding Dance Full Mix 01:54 Traditional Klezmer Styled Jewish Wedding dance 42
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