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  • Parisian CafĂ© Waltz Full Mix 01:14 Classic French Styled Musette Waltz - The Sound Of Paris 1
  • Argentina Tango Full Mix 01:38 Passionate, Fiery Traditional Argentinian Tango 7
  • Spirit Of Russia Full Mix 03:57 Traditional Style Russian Theme Showcasing Four Distinct Moods In One Piece 10
  • Irish Tale Full Mix 01:43 Heartwarming, Nostalgic Traditional Irish Styled Piece Conjuring Up Images Of Old Rural Ireland 16
  • Forro Fun In Brazil Full Mix 01:45 Upbeat, Bright, Infectious, Traditional Brazilian Forro 19
  • Tango Classico Full Mix 02:36 Classic Sensual Sound Of Argentina - Tango With A Rose Between Its Teeth 22
  • Sicilian Skies Full Mix 01:37 Traditional Styled Italian Waltz - The Gentle Swaying Sound Of Hot Summer Siciliian Nights 25
  • Bossa Brazil Full Mix 02:10 The Classic Warm & Intimate Sound Of Brazilian Bossa Nova In The 60s 28
  • Balkan Gipsy Jamboree Full Mix 02:25 Fiery, Raucous & Exuberant Balkan Wedding Styled Theme Featuring The Classic Sound Of Gipsy Balkan Brass 31
  • Maypole Morris Dance Full Mix 01:46 Traditional English Folk Morris Dance Theme - The Sound Of Rural Old England 35
  • Italian Folk Dance Full Mix 01:36 Festive & Fun Traditional Italian Tarantella Folk Styled Theme 38
  • Waltzing In Paris Full Mix 01:24 Classic French Styled Musette Waltz - The Sound Of Paris 41
  • Mexican Fiesta Full Mix 01:53 Cheerful Traditional Mexican Styled Folk Dance Styled Theme - it's Fiesta Time! 47
  • Polka Dance Full Mix 01:39 Classic Traditional Styled Polka Dance Theme From The Czech Republic 50
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