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  • Awesome Planet Full Mix 01:15 Epic Awe Inspiring Orchestral Theme With Uplifting Choir & Thunderous Drums 1
  • Adventure Of The Seven Seas Full Mix 02:26 Explosive Swashbuckling Orchestral Action Adventure Theme Suggesting Pirates Fighting On High Seas 10
  • A Quest For Life Full Mix 03:16 Urgent & Epic Action Adventure Theme - Electronica, Piano, Strings & Power Rock Guitar Hybrid Building In Intensity Throughout 20
  • A World Of Discovery Full Mix 03:37 Wistful Atmospheric & Cinematic Piano & Strings Theme Building To Powerfully Epic & Heroic Orchestral & Choir Theme - Awe Inspiring! 28
  • The Black Pirate Full Mix 02:50 Rousing Action Adventure Theme In A Classic Swashbuckling Pirate Style Featuring Exhilirating Orchestra Arrangement - Ahoy There Me Hearties! 35
  • Wonder World Full Mix 01:52 Evocative Warm Cinematic Theme Building To Euphoric & Heroic Orchestral Theme 47
  • A Lost World Full Mix 01:33 Strident Tension Strings Developing Into Uplifting Action Adventure Orchestral Hybrid Theme - Building In Triumphant Intensity Throughout 54
  • Voyage Of Discovery Full Mix 01:37 Flowing & Majestic Cinematic Theme With Uplifting Sense Of Triumph & Awe Building In Intensity 66
  • Across The Divide Full Mix 01:43 Subtle Tense Pulsing Strings & Woodwind Theme Buliding To Rousing Orchestral Finish With Sense Of Heroic Triumph Over Adversity 71
  • Awe Of Nature Full Mix 02:36 Uplifting, Flowing Piano & Orchestral Theme Expressing The Beauty Of Nature 78
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