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  • Clumsy Clown Full Mix 00:59 Orchestral Buffoonery In A Hollywood Style 1
  • Jeepers Creepers Full Mix 01:16 Light Hearted Furtiveness In A Hollywood Filmscore Style 2
  • Lumbering Jack Full Mix 00:58 Humorous Bumbling Plodding Orchestral Filmscore 3
  • Sprightly Go Lightly Full Mix 00:52 Comical Endearing Filmscore In A Hollywood Style 4
  • Tricky Dicky Full Mix 01:15 Dark Comic Orchestral Theme In An Addams Family Style 5
  • Twisted Fairytale Full Mix 01:15 Lighthearted Tongue In Cheek Orchestral \nPiece Encompassing A Variety Of Moods 6
  • Love And Death Full Mix 04:39 Sombre Tragic Emotive Piano And Orchestral Theme 7
  • Severance Full Mix 02:04 Emotive Graceful Mournful Orchestral Theme 8
  • Eternal Flame Full Mix 04:26 Graceful Emotive Nostalgic Orchestral Theme 9
  • Seasons Change Full Mix 03:27 Sorrowful Remorseful Harp And Orchestral Theme 10
  • In Memory Full Mix 03:34 Delicate Sorrowful Piano Theme Featuring Choir And Violin 11
  • Final Breath Full Mix 00:30 Deeply Mournful Orchestral \nFinale 12
  • Letting Go Full Mix 01:14 Sorrowful Heart Breaking Orchestral Lament 13
  • Rainbow Full Mix 02:57 Melancholic Classical Guitar Theme With Orchestra 14
  • Rainbow Solo Guitar Full Mix 02:56 Melancholic Solo Classical Guitar Theme 15
  • Bitter Tears Full Mix 01:51 Mournful Epic Emotive Orchestral Filmscore With Ethereal Choir 16
  • So Long My Friend Full Mix 04:37 Evocative Nostalgic Classical Guitar Theme With Orchestra 17
  • So Long My Friend Solo Guitar Full Mix 04:38 Evocative Nostalgic Solo Classical Guitar Theme 18
  • Affliction Full Mix 02:34 Epic Atmospheric Orchestral Filmscore Evoking The Depths Of Despair 19
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