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  • Ultimate Fate Full Mix 01:35 Intense Staccato Strings Drive This Powerful Relentless Tens… 1
  • Game Of Pressure Full Mix 01:25 Dramatic Epic Hybrid Cue That Slowly Ticks Away As The Press… 7
  • Biggest Challenge Full Mix 01:37 Swelling Brass And Staccato Strings Push The Suspense And Dr… 12
  • All Guns Blazing Full Mix 02:02 Strong And Courageous Hybrid Epic Ideal For Reality TV Chall… 18
  • Day Of Reckoning Full Mix 01:24 There Is A Storm Brewing And This Epic Cue Captures The Mood… 24
  • Battle Zone Full Mix 01:35 Action Drama With Powerful Percussion And Staccato Strings,… 31
  • The Contender Full Mix 01:36 The Anticipation Is Palpable We Prepare For The Showdown In… 37
  • Decision Time Full Mix 01:59 Powerful Orchestral Cue With Swelling Brass And Staccato Str… 43
  • The Intimidator Full Mix 01:30 The Course Is Brutal, The Competition Is Strong, Who Will Ri… 49
  • No Mercy Full Mix 01:26 Menacing Legato Melody Over Tense Ticking Rhythm, Choir And… 55
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