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  • Dreams Come True Full Mix 02:30 Slow Building Piano Intro Builds Into A Powerful Emotive Cue… 1
  • Dream Love Full Mix 02:46 Romantic Orchestral Theme Builds To Optimistic Heartfelt Emo… 83
  • Final Rose Full Mix 02:27 Moving Emotional Heartfelt Cue About Love And Loss. 100
  • Beauty Inside Full Mix 02:07 Beautiful Emotive Piece Tinged With Melancholy That Builds T… 118
  • Limo Arrivals Full Mix 02:43 Upbeat And Cheerful Epic Orchestral Theme Filled With Antici… 134
  • Another Goodbye Full Mix 02:27 Emotional Cue Slowly Adds Orchestral Instruments And Choir O… 152
  • Always Hopeful Full Mix 03:07 Delicate And Poignant Cue That Gently Tugs At The Heart Stri… 169
  • Betrayal Full Mix 02:09 Beautifully Sad And Melancholic Cue Perfect For Epic Emotion… 179
  • First Dance Full Mix 02:06 Charming Romantic Waltz Glides Gently Over Big Drums With So… 195
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