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  • Cheesy Slow Dance Full Mix 04:40 Slow Jazzy Piece With A Laid-back Tenor Sax Lead 1
  • Swingers Full Mix 03:41 Part-time Jazz With Sax And Muted Trumpet Lead 5
  • Cool Man Cool Full Mix 03:08 Jumping Jazz Tune With Piano And Guitar Lead 10
  • Jazzy Lounge Full Mix 03:37 Elegant Cocktail Jazz Theme With Jazz Guitar Lead 13
  • Elevator Jazz Full Mix 03:41 Mellow Cocktail Jazz Quartet With Jazz Guitar Lead 16
  • Bachelor Pad Full Mix 02:18 Fun Be-Bop Lounge Theme With Tenor Sax Lead 19
  • Easy Does It Full Mix 04:21 Vintage Cocktail Lounge Jazz With Tenor Sax Lead 23
  • Bossa Loco Full Mix 04:08 Unusual Light And Jazzy Bossa Nova Theme In 7/4 Time With Al… 27
  • Lounge Lizards Full Mix 02:51 Swinging Lounge Jazz Theme With Jazz Guitar Lead 30
  • Clandestine Affair Full Mix 02:20 Kind Of Mysterious Cocktail Jazz Theme With Muted Trumpet An… 34
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