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  • Dynamighty Full Mix 02:18 Delayed Electric Guitar Gives A Slightly Spooky Sci-fi Feel… 1
  • Damage Factory Full Mix 01:51 Punchy Up-tempo Heavy Blues Rock. 5
  • Lets Go Full Mix 01:53 Rousing Rebellious Heavy Rock With A "Lets' Go" Chorus Chant… 9
  • Slammed Full Mix 02:03 Slamming Straight Ahead Tough Blues Rocker. 14
  • Diesel Hit Full Mix 01:54 Stand Aside, This Forceful Slow Heavy Guitar Riff Is Coming… 18
  • Lawless Full Mix 01:38 Dirty Distorted Guitar With Stomping Drums, Strong And Deter… 22
  • Mad Bombers Full Mix 01:51 Edgy And Determined, Aggressive Riffy Rocker. 26
  • Dust Storm Full Mix 02:03 Driving Glam Rock Track, Suggested For Cars And Action. 30
  • No Brakes Full Mix 02:00 Full Speed Ahead With This Fun Riffy Rocker. 34
  • Fire Cage Full Mix 01:41 Blazing Rock Guitar Riffs With Pounding Drums Suggested For… 38
  • Monster Ball Drop Full Mix 01:52 Propulsive Garage Rocker With Monster Guitar Riff. 42
  • Corrosive Full Mix 02:16 Cutting Raw, Caustic And Dirty Rock Guitar Riff With Pumping… 46
  • Heady Brew Full Mix 02:10 Cool Steady Rock Track With Distorted Guitar Riffs For Extre… 50
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