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  • War Of Legends Full Mix 01:50 Epic Dark Urgent Hollywood Style Action Soundtrack - Orchestra & Choir With Thunderous Strident Drum Building To Climax 1
  • Day Of Destruction Full Mix 02:24 Epic Dark Urgent Hollywood Style Action Soundtrack - Atmospheric Mysterious Intro - Pulsy Electronica Seguing To Massive Drums & Epic Synth, Orchestral Strings & Gothic Style Choir 9
  • Annihilation Force Full Mix 02:21 Contemporary Dramatic Hollywood Action Style Soundtrack - Dark Menacing Throbbing Industrial Intro Transitioning To Intense Punchy Urgent Drums & Electronica 17
  • A Race Against Time Full Mix 02:24 Powerfully Tense & Epic Hybrid Of Death Metal & Full Orchestra In A Contemporary Hollywood Action Movie Style 24
  • Advancing Malevolence Full Mix 01:50 Tense Ominous Hollywood Action Style Orchestral Soundtrack Buliding In Tension To Climax 32
  • Armageddon Full Mix 01:56 Dark Unsettling Epic Cinematic Score With Sense Of Impending Doom - Orchestra, Choir & Sound Design 39
  • The Titans Full Mix 02:09 Dark Menacing Hollywood Action Style Orchestral & Choral Soundtrack Buliding In Tension Throughout To End Climax 43
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