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  • Care Full Mix 02:44 Heartfelt Reflective Piano Vibrates With Melancholy While Gu… 1
  • Too Late Full Mix 03:02 Slow And Sad Cue Delicately Ebbs And Flows To Create An Atmo… 7
  • A Critical Time Full Mix 03:26 Beautiful Melancholy Piano And Strings Theme With Freeform T… 13
  • Sorrowful Full Mix 03:06 Reflective Cue With Pad Drone Underneath Sparse Piano And St… 18
  • Last Breath Full Mix 03:07 Simply, Sparse Piano And Strings Say So Much With So Few Not… 24
  • Virus Spreads Full Mix 02:54 Brooding Guitarscapes Slowly Build The Reflective Mood With… 29
  • Goodbyes Full Mix 03:20 Moving Emotional Goodbye, Very Minimal And Very Effective Wi… 35
  • Science & Air Full Mix 02:58 Sombre Atmospheric Cue With Slow Moving Strings Over A Sligh… 40
  • Emotionally Exhausted Full Mix 03:31 Finding Inner Peace After A Time Of Sadness With Beautiful P… 46
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