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  • Time To Snoop Full Mix 02:21 Grab A Slice Of 60s Spoof Spy/detective Comedies Prowling Ar… 1
  • Spy Games Full Mix 02:07 Intriguing Clandestine Track Of Retro 60s Jazz With The Righ… 10
  • Bauhaus Blues Full Mix 02:03 Soprano Sax And Bass Clarinet Lead The Melody In This Fabulo… 19
  • Centipede Crossing Full Mix 02:03 Syncopated Clapping Rhythm With Bass Clarinet Creates A Comp… 28
  • Drunk Hippos Full Mix 02:08 Bumbling Waltz Led By Tuba And Woodwind Will Take You Back T… 37
  • Find The Fez Full Mix 02:02 Baritone Sax And Flutes Propel This Driving Humorous Track,… 46
  • Playing In The Mud Full Mix 02:33 Jaunty Little Dixieland Number With Tuba, Clarinet And Flute… 55
  • Holding Your Nerve Full Mix 02:02 Retro Kitsch Featuring Bass Clarinet And Elec Piano Make It… 64
  • My Own Genie Full Mix 02:08 Shimmy Down To This Quirky Tango Featuring Sax And Clarinet… 73
  • Old Berlin Full Mix 02:30 A Warm But Wistful Yearning For Old Berlin Featuring Alto Sa… 82
  • Slippery Customers Full Mix 02:19 Seductive Humorous Film Score With A Retro 60s Vibe Ideal Fo… 91
  • Hiding Out The Back Full Mix 02:25 Breezy Swinging Jazz With A Mischievous Twinkle In Its Eye,… 101
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