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  • Beauty Bootie Full Mix 02:36 Slow Dreamy Hot Summer Vibes With Lush Keyboards, Beats & Vocal FX 1
  • Epicura Full Mix 02:12 Warm Soothing Ambient Electronica With Subtle Beats & Vocal FX 15
  • Eudaimonia Full Mix 02:12 Gentle & Tender Acoustic Guitar Featured Lo-Fi Hip Hop Style Summery Theme 30
  • Pleasure Principle Full Mix 02:09 Soothing Sensual Ambient Hip Hop With Dreamy Female Vocal Hook 41
  • Lounge Therapy Full Mix 01:58 Relaxed Feelgood Neo Soul Vibess With Vintage Organ Lead & Playground FX 55
  • Sweet Relish Full Mix 02:42 Chilled Sensual & Dreamy Lo-Fi Beat With Mystical Guitar Hook 73
  • Sleek Chic Full Mix 02:59 Mellow Hip Hop Groove With Soothing Ambient Piano & Flute Top Line Melodies, Vocal Sample Chops 86
  • Sensual Whispers Full Mix 02:36 Seductively Smooth Jazzy Vibes Featuring Sax Melody, Warm Rhodes Piano & Relaxed Funky Groove 100
  • Satin Finish Full Mix 02:51 Warm Sensual Electronica & Dreamy Vocal FX Evoking The Feeling Of Lying In The Shimmering Haze Of A Tropical Beach 118
  • Hush Lush Full Mix 02:48 Relaxed Summer Hip Hop Groove Featuring Lush Electronica 137
  • Sensualiza Full Mix 03:05 Slow Smooth Sensual Hip Hop Groove Featuring Lush Treated Piano & Vocal Chops 149
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