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  • Trap Tension Full Mix 23:29 Edgy Dark Underscore With Classic 808 Drum Machine Trap Groove, Thumping Piano & Eerie Synth 1
  • Death Trap Full Mix 02:20 Classic 808 Style Trap Groove With A Unsettling Tense Cinematic Twist 4
  • Happy Trap Full Mix 02:44 Upbeat Strummy Electric Guitar, Sunny Synth Motif Underipinned By The Classic 808 Trap Style Beats 7
  • Police Trap Full Mix 03:01 Ambient 'The Police' Style Chorus Guitar Motif, Majestic Strings Underpinned By Classic 808 Trap Style Beats 10
  • Trap Trance Full Mix 02:50 Ambient Indian Flute & Sitar Flavoured Vibes Underipinned By Classic 808 Trap Style Groove 13
  • Honey Trap Full Mix 02:14 Spooky Argeggiated Sequenced 80s Style Synth Over Trap Style 808 Beat 16
  • Mellow Trap Full Mix 02:47 Plaintive Graceful Flowing Piano Arpeggiation, Reverb Guitar & Cinematic Strings Over Trap Style 808 Groove 19
  • Booby Trap Full Mix 02:15 Spooky Mysterious Synth, Cinematic Strings Accompanied By Classic 808 Trap Style Groove 22
  • Tango Trap Full Mix 02:48 Eclectic Mix Of Tango Piano Rhythms, Wailing Violin Sample & Classic 808 Trap Style Beat 25
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