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  • Make Your Mind Up Full Mix 04:11 Bright, Positive, Upbeat Housy Electro Pop With Soulful Hooky Female Vocal 1
  • So Proud Full Mix 04:12 Soulful Female Pop & Rap Vocal Underpinned Dynamic Electro House Beats 15
  • Don't Close Your Eyes Full Mix 03:57 Soulful Pop Femaie Vocals Backed By Infectious Mumbathon Electro Pop Groove 26
  • Make You Mine Full Mix 03:57 Dynamic Soulful Female Vocal Underpinned By Driving Punchy Techno House 38
  • Follow The Stars Full Mix 04:16 Punchy Beats, Dynamic Electro Pop With Soulful Hooky Female Vocals 54
  • Changes Full Mix 04:39 Heartfelt, Bittersweet Contemporary Power Pop Ballad With Female Vocal 66
  • Warrior Full Mix 03:53 Epic Motivational Empowering Pop Featuring Strong Soulful Female Vocal 81
  • Rockstar Full Mix 04:01 Cool Catchy Electro Pop With Smooth Soulful Female Vocal 95
  • Don't Let Go Full Mix 03:53 Dynamic, Empowering Modern Pop With Bittersweet, Heartfelt Female Vocal 110
  • Think About You Full Mix 03:34 80s Styled Electro Synths & Beats With Hooky Soulful Female Vocal 126
  • No Apology Full Mix 04:11 Soulful Sunny Female Vocal Underpinned By Positive Piano & Funky Backbeat 141
  • Truth Full Mix 04:05 Cool Laid Back Bittersweet Soulful Female Vocal Underpinned By Uplifting Funky Electro Groove 152
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