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  • Magical Kingdom Full Mix 02:16 Delicate & Ethereal Cinematic Felt Piano Theme Evoking A Sense Of Awe & Wonder 1
  • Uncertain Times Full Mix 02:26 Heartfelt Pulsing Felt Piano & Strings Theme With Bittersweet Feelings Of Both Hope & Regret 10
  • Symbiosis Full Mix 01:35 Delicate Felt Piano Led Melancholic Retrospection With Ethereal Mysterious Synth Pads 20
  • Journey Of Intrigue Full Mix 02:46 Delicate Minimalist Felt Piano Motif, Ethereal Strings Developing With Sense Of Urgency & Nervous Anticipation 27
  • One Last Caress Full Mix 02:31 Hauntingly Tender Beautiful Melancholic Cinematic Felt Piano Theme Augmented With Cello & Strings 45
  • The City Wakes Full Mix 02:20 Subtle Uplifting Cinematic Minimalist Felt Piano & Strings Theme With Positive Feeling Of Motion 54
  • Fly Away Full Mix 02:53 Plaintive Melancholic Cinematic Felt Piano & Strings Theme Developing Into Gentle Flowing Glass Styled Minimalism 68
  • Life Stories Full Mix 02:56 Delicate Emotive Cinematic Felt Piano Theme With Sense Of Hope Through Adversity 81
  • Coming To Fruition Full Mix 02:22 Positive Flowing Minimalism Featuring Filmic Felt Piano & Strings Evoking Sense Of Excited Anticipation 90
  • Tender Introspection Full Mix 01:54 Warm Intimate & Tender Soft Felt Piano Theme Embellished With Atmospheric Synths 108
  • Shifting Seasons Full Mix 02:44 Graceful Flowing & Cinematic Felt Piano Minimalism With Evocative Wistful Cello & Strings 115
  • Autumn Mist Full Mix 02:38 Wistful Flowing & Pumping Cinematic Felt Piano & Strings Theme With Subtle Mixture Of Both Longing & Hope 129
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