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  • Ear Crusher Full Mix 01:28 Intense Dramatic Tension Cue Groans And Swells With Dark Bas… 1
  • The Mutator Full Mix 01:35 Slow Building Dark Hybrid Cue Will Raise The Hackles With It… 13
  • The Ultimate Price Full Mix 01:24 Dark Menacing Pulse, Staccato Strings, Monster Drums And Sou… 25
  • Dilapidation Full Mix 01:37 Throbbing Dystopian Hybrid Cue With Unsettling Effects, Big… 36
  • Hunting Ground Full Mix 01:37 Relentless Action Cue With A Creepy Undertone, Survival Of T… 49
  • World In Crisis Full Mix 01:31 Drums Of War Are Beating In This Thrilling Geo-political Cue… 62
  • Crime Zone Full Mix 01:14 Rhythmic And Expansive Modern Crime Cue With Skittering Perc… 80
  • Evil Is Coming Full Mix 01:31 Intense, Dark And Dangerous Cue With Threatening Sound Desig… 92
  • Love Crime Full Mix 01:49 Evocative Piano Cue, Melancholic With A Hint Of Hope Ideal F… 105
  • Dark Legacy Full Mix 01:35 Brooding Cinematic Tension Cue Featuring Haunting Piano Melo… 119
  • Tension Zone Full Mix 01:47 Driving, Rhythmic, Pulsing Cue Relentlessly Builds The Tensi… 134
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