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  • THE ULTIMATE TEST Full Mix 01:28 The Time Has Come, No Second Chances To Lay It All On The Li… 1
  • ELIMINATION WARRIORS Full Mix 01:32 Now Is The Moment For The Tough To Get Going. Intense Action… 15
  • VIRUS WARFARE Full Mix 01:24 Pulsating Synths, Big Drums & Staccato Strings Send Ominous… 31
  • GAME OVER Full Mix 01:30 Who Will Be Triumphant In This Climatic Battle, Ideal For Re… 47
  • SCAMDEMIC Full Mix 01:32 Dramatic Atmosphere Where The Race Is On Against The Clock. 65
  • CYBER RISK Full Mix 01:27 Starting With Menacing Bass & Cello Then Add Forceful Elec G… 82
  • WANTED Full Mix 01:37 Staccato Strings & Percussion Drive This Epic Tension Cue. I… 98
  • INSURGENCE Full Mix 01:35 Hostile Synth Pulses, Brass And Staccato Strings Ramp Up The… 114
  • THE SUSPECT Full Mix 01:22 Powerful Percussive Epic Tension Cue With Swirling Pulses, B… 130
  • RETALIATION Full Mix 01:30 The Payback Is Coming, Waiting For The Right Moment As The T… 147
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